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Budz n Roses – a magical potion for the skin

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Rediscover your glow with Budz N Roses, where every application is an affirmation of your skin’s infinite potential.

Unveil Your Cosmic Beauty with Budz n Roses—Dare to Glow Differently!

Budz n Roses isn’t just another skin care product, its a "skin wealth product"; a gateway to galactic beauty and terrestrial health. This magical mixture caters to the sanctity of your skin’s barrier, ensuring every cell is bathed in healing, nurturing, and protective love. Embrace the power of a truly transformational health and beauty product, and let your skin live its most luminous life.

This isn’t just any facial oil
it's a healing, nurturing, supreme oil mix essential for your skin—our largest organ. Dive into a bottle of Budz N Roses CBD facial oil and let your skin repair, restore, and rejoice! Get ready to unleash your transformational beauty with every drop. 🌼✨ Dive into the depths of nature with Budz N Roses, a potion so potent, it's crafted using the whole plant’s essence. Organic roses, hemp, and olive oil. From leaf to stem, every element is harnessed to capture the full spectrum of the plant’s powers. This isn’t just plant-based; it’s planet-based goodness for your face and body!

It’s Non-Comedogenic Nirvana
What’s the buzz about non-comedogenic? It means this oil is a true friend to your face, refusing to clog pores or cause breakouts. Instead, it whispers sweet nothings to each pore, ensuring they remain open and breathable, leaving no room for acne to crash your complexion party. Has super Antioxidant Alchemy & is a Fatty Acid Feast Every drop of Budz N Roses is a mini-explosion of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, brightening and feeding the skin by dishing out a potent dose of hydration.

This high-integrity, high-vibrational formula
Not only rejuvenates your skin but also envelops it in a protective aura against the harsh minions of damage and decay. Environmental Shield & Skin Guard With natural sun protection qualities, Budz N Roses acts as your personal skin sentinel, shielding you from environmental assaults. This potion is not just oil; it's armor—fortifying your skin’s barrier, repairing and protecting the grand canvas of your body’s largest system.

What’s in this magical skin potion?
Budz & Roses infographic

Energized by Crystals
Crystal power is utilized at key stages during the development of this skin elixir for maximum energetic balance of the oil’s essence all the way through to product completion.

Healing Frequency 
We incorporate cell-rejuvenating divine 111 Hz music while creating Budz n Roses so each batch expresses an extra layer of high-frequency healing potential.


Moon/Sunlight Cosmic Mixology
Imagine an oil so aligned with the cosmos that it’s mixed and bottled according to the mystical cycles of the sun and moon, ensuring each batch is infused with celestial energy.

Sun and Moon Cycles

Infused with Gold
Gold for real. Every drip drop is laced with this magically conductive element.

gold oil
All Organic & Ethically Sourced, what you see is what you get !
BNR Label


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