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About Us

We stay keepin’ it cosmic by creating and sharing premium lifestyle products that focus on raising one’s health while encouraging every being’s cosmic uniqueness as we enrich our overall presence and vitality for the human experience.  Our mission is to share and assist you in streamlining a path towards achieving your highest potential, in body, mind, and essence. We believe that true wellness is about more than just physical vitality – it’s about gratitude for the abundance of emotional and spiritual well-being too. Join us on our journey towards greater health, joy, and omnipotence! Let us be your guides to a more cosmic, synchronisctic, and abundantly flowing way of living life. We are that movement towards a more loving, whole, and sovereign existence. Experience our unique offerings and discover your own cosmic abundance today.

We say, ‘I AM COSMIC’, as we are cosmic beings before we are labeled anything else. We claim this as our birthright.
Our Values:

Encourage high level self-love and self-care practices


Honor natural balance & equanimity for all communities


Produce high-quality, high-vibrational products


Maintain sustainable business practices


Organic sourcing of food & plant medicine

Our Time = Our Art